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IRS Tax Problem Resolution Services

West Los Angeles IRS Tax Problem Resolution

Are you experiencing tax problems? Confusing tax notices and long waits on hold with the IRS can make it seem like you’ll never find a way to resolve them. If you’re in this situation, contact Best Tax & Audit, Inc.. We can file back taxes, stop wage garnishment, release liens, and deal with any other issues you’re facing with the IRS. Our West Los Angeles, CA accounting firm is here to help solve your tax problems promptly and get the IRS off your back.

Most taxpayers can’t afford to pay their tax debt off all at once but negotiating a fair settlement with the IRS takes experience and finesse. We’ll work with them on your behalf and initiate a reasonable plan to pay off your tax debt. Whenever possible, we’ll lessen the amount of taxes you’re required to pay and may even get your tax penalties reduced or eliminated. In any case, we’ll find an acceptable solution to your tax problems so you can get a fresh start.

Tax Help in West Los Angeles

Stop ignoring IRS notices and tackle your tax problems head-on with the sound advice and support of Best Tax & Audit, Inc.. Call us at 310-276-4380 to get started now or request a free initial consultation.